Effectiveness through data science

We have worked on impactful products with amazing clients. These case studies give you better insight into the challenges we solve.

  • Transition to Automated Underwriting

    2OS built the first automated credit policy and custom risk model for a client, whose existing underwriting process was manual.
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  • Customizing Collections Strategy

    2OS developed a customized collections approach through portfolio segmentation and offer optimization. The new policy increased liquidation rates with minimal changes to costs.
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  • Building Capacity to Reduce Risk

    2OS partnered with a medium-sized credit card issuer to develop a new customer management risk model. We helped the issuer rank order their existing credit card customers and increase their profitability.
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  • Driving Optimal Lead Generation

    2OS worked with a major US bank to improve their digital acquisitions. We analyzed web traffic and modeled site visits to improve click-through rates and conversions for visitors on the web.
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