World Class Lending Solutions for Financial Institutions

2OS is a boutique credit advisory firm that provides credit risk consultancy services for clients ranging from top 10 banks to financial technology startups throughout the world. Our credit experts use groundbreaking data analysis and modeling techniques to deliver superior economic outcomes and sustainable competitive advantages for our clients.

We Serve All Phases of the Lending Lifecycle

Customer Acquisitions

  • Custom marketing & underwriting models
  • Credit policy
  • Valuations models
  • Loss forecasting
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing channel optimization
  • Marketing & underwriting testing strategy

Customer Management

  • Custom risk models
  • Credit limit increase / decrease
  • Valuations models
  • Retention
  • Inactive strategy
  • Cross sell
  • Customer management testing strategy

Collections & Recoveries

  • Contact strategy optimization
  • Digital collections strategy & turnkey execution
  • Customized treatment streams
  • Targeting models
  • Operational re-design

Fraud Strategy

  • Custom fraud models
  • Fraud rule design
  • Digital authentication strategy
  • Fraud decision frameworks
  • Operational re-design
  • Contact strategy optimization

Industry Perspective

Get a detailed look into what we’re currently seeing across the industry and how we continue to solve some of the world’s most challenging credit problems for our clients.

Our Experts

Our team is made up of some of the best business analysts and data scientists in the world. We strive to create a collaborative, high performing environment that promotes rapid development for our people while consistently delivering amazing results for our clients.

2nd Order Systems
Arlington Office
Syed Raza

Syed Raza

“I love working at 2OS – it’s a unique place where I can apply and hone both my technical chops and communication skills. I enjoy the challenges & creative problem-solving that come with working for clients from across the financial industry. I really appreciate the collaborative environment and the strong community here at 2OS.”

Richmond, VA 

Tosan Johnson

Tosan Johnson

“2OS is a unique place to work, as we work with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, but still maintain a small company feel. Every interaction feels genuine and the relationships I’ve built with my coworkers and clients will move forward with me throughout my career.”

2nd Order Systems
Glen Allen Office
Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

“I could not have asked for more intelligent and friendly co-workers to work with and learn from. I love working in such a collaborative environment and learning from my peers.”

02 Solutions
2nd Order Solutions 
Clare Hammonds

Clare Hammonds

“2OS gave me the opportunity from day one to take ownership of my work and ideas. From my first project, I was given the chance to perform analysis, communicate it with the client, and defend my work. Getting to work with the rest of the 2OS team gives me the chance to learn so much every day from those who are more experienced.”