Joe Hammond

Senior Director, Data Science

Joe is a Senior Director of Data Science for 2OS with expertise in advanced statistical models and valuations models as well as a deep background across credit policies and both consumer and small business finance. While at 2OS he has improved acquisition and customer management risk models for multiple types of lenders, developed valuations models for lenders of multiple different asset classes, created credit policies utilizing valuations models tailor to individual lenders needs, and built a CECL loss forecasting model for a large national personal loan lender.

Before joining 2OS, Joe was a team leader in multiple parts of Capital One’s credit card business. During his time at Capital One, Joe built multiple models on purchase amount and customer engagement to improve profitability on credit cards, lead a team with responsibility for creating, monitoring, and optimizing credit policies, and developed extensive experience with marketing-stage statistical models including channel allocation and response targeting. Joe graduated from Georgia Tech and now lives in Richmond, Virginia.

In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his family and dogs. He enjoys both camping and running, especially along trails.