Andy Zhong

Senior Data Scientist

Andy is a Senior Data Scientist, joining 2OS in February 2023. Since coming onboard, he has worked on a range of projects, spanning from risk modeling and forecasting to valuation and optimization model development. Drawing from his understanding of economics, statistical analysis, and AI/ML, Andy has delivered valuable insights to top U.S. financial institutions. Lately, his emphasis has been on the responsible integration of generative AI within the financial services sector.

Prior to his role at 2OS, Andy earned his B.A. in Economics and Data Science, alongside a B.S. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. He also holds a M.A. in Economics from Duke University. During his academic tenure, Andy contributed to university research groups and received several awards and scholarships for his outstanding academic achievements.

Beyond working and observing his two cats in their natural habitat, Andy enjoys exploring diverse cuisines. As an avid photographer, he captures and shares his experiences through his lens. He also challenges himself to learn from other talented individuals through competitions in coding, trading, and photography.