Alice Liu

Manager, Data Science

Alice is a Manager, Data Science at 2OS, joining the company in June 2022. At 2OS, Alice applies her extensive and advanced statistical and machine learning knowledge to meet the needs of 2OS clients, where she utilizes her experience in model development, implementation, and validation for multiple large banks, both domestic and international. For those clients, Alice applied statistical and machine learning methodology towards various areas within financial services, with particular focus on responsible artificial intelligence (AI) and ML. Alice also specializes in the identification and optimization of existing bank processes to help clients improve efficiency.

Prior to joining 2OS, Alice worked as a Quantitative Analytics Specialist at Wells Fargo as part of a research and development team specializing in machine learning (ML) interpretability and explainability. Alice received her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Virginia, where she also earned her M.S. and B.A. in Statistics.

Outside of work, Alice spends time training, walking, and otherwise enjoying her time with her two dogs and two cats. Alice is also a novice gardener, with an up-and-coming backyard garden.