Aaron McGuire

Senior Director, Data Science

Aaron McGuire is a Senior Director of Data Science at 2nd Order Solutions. Among the earliest 2OS hires, Aaron joined the firm in 2015 and has led a variety of projects across a full spectrum of lenders, from the larger top-10 banks to boutique FinTech firms. His expertise has lent particularly well to models — both large-scale valuation models and risk models powered by cutting edge machine learning techniques. He helped build and champion the first productionized ML models at several key U.S. lenders, and has worked outside of the U.S. on credit risk assessments across the globe.

Prior to 2OS, Aaron graduated as the first ever 3-year BS candidate within the Statistical Science department of Duke University. He worked at Capital One for 5 years, specializing in account-level valuation models, model monitoring framework design, and building some of the backend tools that supercharged Capital One’s ML journey. Aaron also served as a freelance writer, with projects associated with ESPN, SBNation, and Disney.

Outside of the office, Aaron is an avid basketball fan; his published thesis applied a Bayesian Gaussian Process model to the overarching production of NBA players over time, analyzing how front offices could more effectively produce player comps for draft analysis. His now-dormant offbeat NBA blog, “Gothic Ginobili”, was a member of the ESPN TrueHoop network until the network’s end. His outside-of-work hobbies include programming, glassblowing, Russian literature, cooking, and pampering his deeply beloved dog Duncan.