Sharon Ovadia

Senior Director of Analytics

Sharon is a Senior Director of Analytics at 2nd Order Solutions (2OS), with over 10 years of expertise in credit risk management, product strategy, and underwriting. While at 2OS, she has led numerous engagements for a wide variety of clients ranging from start-ups to top banks in both the United States and Latin America. She has led work to design and refine acquisitions and credit line increase strategies, perform due diligences, enhance fraud strategies, and develop strategies for new product launches.

Prior to joining 2OS, she had multiple roles at Capital One including leading the Secured Card team, where she had end-to-end ownership of the product, including the acquisition strategy, customer management strategy, product innovation, and testing agenda. She also led line increase strategy teams across numerous channels and customers segments. Finally, she developed new fraud strategies, including a complete revamp of transaction fraud defenses to reduce false positive declines without taking on additional fraud risk. Sharon graduated from Johns Hopkins University and now lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Outside of work, Sharon is an avid hiker. She frequents the Shennadoahs, George Washington National Forest, and local trails. She also enjoys making new culinary creations and is passionate about making food that is both healthy and delicious.