Clare Hammonds

Senior Business Analyst

Clare is a Senior Business Analyst at 2OS, having joined the company in July of 2021. While at 2OS, she has worked on projects spanning the credit risk lifecycle with clients around the world. Her work has included helping a large international bank incorporate consumer savings data into its underwriting, developing an omni-channel contact strategy to aid collections efforts in the auto space, and optimizing a credit line increase program.

Clare graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Systems Engineering. While there, she worked on various consulting projects for companies and nonprofits through her classes. She used large data sets to analyze donor behaviors for a nonprofit, and interned as a systems analyst for the UVA Health System to optimize its scheduling and queuing systems during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her free time, Clare enjoys baking, reading, traveling, and cheering on UVA athletics. Her next project outside of work will be learning American Sign Language. Clare is the reigning rock-paper-scissors champion of the company, and arguably also holds a top rank for mini golf.